About Us

Inter-Science Medica (formerly Science Medica) was first conceptualized in 2015 and after 2 years of product research, test and development POWER PLUS PERFORMANCE ENHANCER our flagship product was launch in April of 2017 to address the growing need for top-quality but affordable game fowl conditioning product among local game fowl backyard raisers, fighters and breeders.

InterScience Medica has 2 product category divisions namely Power Plus Conditioning Products and Power Plus Nutrition both has complete game fowl and poultry hi performance product range, such as Conditioning products, Performance Enhancers, Anti-biotics, Vitamins and Supplements from Breeding, Rearing, Conditioning to Post Fight Recovery, Prebiotics for both feed mix and water soluble, Injectable, Dewormer, and Disinfectants (4 in 1) to uplift not only the fighting chance but ultimately the performance of local game fowl backyard raisers, fighters and breeders.

Our POWER PLUS CONDITIONING PRODUCTS continuously growing and now being sold to many selected stores with our partner dealers and distributors nationwide POWER PLUS is widely distributed and used in countries like the US, Hawaii, Mexico, KSA, Dubai, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, in all of Asia and many other countries. Our distribution efficiency is still a work in progress and soon it will be available to every poultry shops in the whole country.